Believing is Seeing!

Why do we do what we do? Why do we always get exactly what we want? Yup. That’s what I said. You and I ALWAYS get exactly what we want. It may not be what is best for us, but

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Pass or Fail?

Did you know that some parents actually want their children to fail in the same way they failed when they were young? Of course they would never say this to anyone. But withholding life lessons or the sin of omission,

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Child Like Vision

Yesterday I heard my wife telling our 12 yr old how God sees Him. She told him that God sees him as a fine young man. One with a kind loving heart, smart, talented and good. I agree.  Our son

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Reclaim It!!……..

Reclaim It!!………

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If you see a need, FILL it

The bible is very clear on the subject of sacrifice. Jesus didn’t hesitate to give to those in need, and neither should we. Giving is a test. If your able to help do it. God will honor it. Dwt

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Money is Not Evil

Money is evil. Some people are under the impression that money is evil. Money isn’t evil. Unless you decide to use it for evil purposes. You can help your spouse achieve something great with money, or spend it on something

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