When you have a problem who do you run to?  Do you run to google? yes! Google will have the answer! Wait…I’ll just ask my neighbor. The one I haven’t spoken to in ages. Better still..maybe I WILL figure this

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Something Different?

If you want something different, you must DO something different.  This means you must make a change. How do you make a change in your life? By doing something different. Doing is action.  Just thinking about doing something will not

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Does Your Husband Pray with You? – A Poll

Ladies, I would love for you to answer these questions so that I can get a better gauge of what is going on in the marriages of my readers so that I can better decide how to approach this topic…

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Why Wonder?

Why Wonder? Why Wonder?  Kermit the frog sings the song, It’s not easy being green.  You remember that? :)  In the song he describes himself as different from others.  As the song continues he identifies himself as significant and important.

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Reflecting On Your Past

Reflecting On Your Past.

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It’s All an Illusion!

Have you ever witnessed a magician performing his or her magic?  I have. It’s quite amazing at first. It dazzles your imagination, entices your emotions and fires your senses. But when someone tells you how its done, the magic is

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Have you ever taken the time to look at back of a piece of tapestry?  You can see the intense colors and all the hard work that went into designing such a magnificent creation. The artist weaves each thread carefully.

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