Why Wonder?

Why Wonder? Why Wonder?  Kermit the frog sings the song, It’s not easy being green.  You remember that? :)  In the song he describes himself as different from others.  As the song continues he identifies himself as significant and important.

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Reflecting On Your Past

Reflecting On Your Past.

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It’s All an Illusion!

Have you ever witnessed a magician performing his or her magic?  I have. It’s quite amazing at first. It dazzles your imagination, entices your emotions and fires your senses. But when someone tells you how its done, the magic is

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Have you ever taken the time to look at back of a piece of tapestry?  You can see the intense colors and all the hard work that went into designing such a magnificent creation. The artist weaves each thread carefully.

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But It Feels So Right….

McDonald’s tastes great right?  I used to think so, but then I met my wife Cindy. She knows how to cook. I banned McDonald’s from my household.  McDonald’s may taste good but oh how it tears your body up! The

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Do All Things Work for Good?

You and I create our lives each and every day by the THINGS we do and say.  Everything we do is recorded in our brain, body and in Heaven.  What does this mean?  We co-create with God.  God is the Supreme

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What’s The Point For…

What’s The Point For.. Like most eight year old boys, I was very curious about life. When my mother and I were in a store I would point at people that were different than me. People in wheel chairs, an

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