I’m So Excited!

Early this morning a gentleman asked me about my winter coat.  It’s an LSU coat, you know Louisiana state university?  My son Spence wore it but now he’s growing out of it. The gentleman asked “do you represent LSU?” I

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Eye Wish..

Wishes are an expression of desire. It’s the start of an idea. When I was trusting God for the right lady to come into my life I was wishing but I was also reading My Bible and praying. Lord, your

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Why do you do what you do each day? Its for a CAUSE.  I work my leadership development company each day ’cause’ I want my wife Cindy and our 3 children to have a better life. I take care of

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Thief In Your Home?

Picture this for a moment. You arrive home to discover a thief is carrying away your new television, and some of your precious jewels. You instantly jump into action! Tripping him on the way out he falls. Body slam! ”

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A.M. Thinking

Your Morning thoughts are like the second hand on a clock. They set the mood, cadence and energy for the day. Starting the day with a negative thought is like stirring up the under current of an ocean. Eventually that

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It Had To Be ‘Said’

The key to prosperity in all it’s forms? WORDS. But not just words. Words alone are ineffective when not joined with inflection or tonality. Tonality tells the other person how they feel and why. When a person knows what your

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D Day!

June 6th 1944. The day the Normandy landings  initiated the Western allied effort to liberate mainland Europe from the Nazi occupation. D-day was a day of DECISION based upon careful planning.  I remember two of my D days. One was November

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